Frequently Asked Questions

  What APP should I get to scan QR codes ?       

It really doesn’t matter, there are hundreds and all pretty much do the same thing and are easy to use, generally there is a rating for APPs and that is from other users, so best to go with what other people think and get a popular one.


  How do I get my Special Offer ?       
These are the instructions we use on the POSTERS, basically there are 2 choices on getting the PROMO offers, you can use the PROMO code at the website or simply scan the QR code (easy, quick).

The larger version talks a bit about the benefits, the promotions also change for some of the businesses, but it’s the same message on how to get your COUPONS.   ***Remember to take your phone with your COUPON to the business.


You can easily download an APP from your favorite APP store to scan QR codes, but you can also go to our website and type in the PROMO code.


  How do I use the PROMO code ?       

The PROMO code are the letters below the QR code (or near the QR code).  You use the PROMO code, if you can’t scan the QR code.  There is no need to use the PROMO code if you are scanning the QR code.  It is very simple to use the PROMO code, have a look at the following pictures or click the link to the video.  Remember that scanning the QR code gives the same result only quicker.
Here is the VIDEO LINK on how to do it…. 



Remember to click the “search” to find that PROMO.


  What is the POSTER ?       

The full size advertisement, LOCAL DIRECTORY with the local business on it, lots of promotions and choices, the thing you stick on the refrigerator.


  Will this work with my phone ?       

Sure, the system is independent of model and type of phone, it works through your internet connection to deliver the COUPON.


  My phone won’t scan the QR codes ?       

Just jump on the site, typing the codes is simple stuff – ANIMATION – typing in the PROMO codes


  Does it cost money to get the COUPON ?       

No, the COUPONS are free.
You can download as many of them as you want, anytime you want, as often as you want.
The arrive through your internet connection, which means depending on your phone data provision (by your phone provider) the phone network provider might charge you for data delivery.
No charges from us to use the advertising.


  I don’t have mobile data for my phone, how do I show the business my coupon ?       

Usually not a problem, the business understands you have come for the special offer.  Plus the phone usually keeps that information on the screen which helps you to find the business, etc.  Other options are taking a “screen shot” of the coupon, using the WiFi of the business you are visiting or some public WiFi.   But usually the system works just fine without it and of course, the business is happy to see you.  🙂


  What if there is a problem with the business giving me the special offer ?       

Sorry, if you are having problems, we can’t help you directly (we are only providing the advertising for the business) but please report it to us through the contact form – “contact us”Be sure to be asking for the right promotion on the right day, etc.
Best to speak calmly with the business directly, they need you so they really should be taking good care of you, just mention that you are here because of the offer – “surely you don’t want me to leave unhappy?”


  Can I get this for my own business ?       

Sure, just “contact us” and ask to be included in the next distribution in your area

Something else to consider, is that the technology is available for you NOW, so if you were wanting to use our website and the PROMO codes and QR codes in your own advertising, just get in contact with us and explain how you were thinking of using it and we can tailor things for you


  Can I use the COUPON more than once ?       

Generally not, but check with the terms on the coupon and below the coupon.  Remember the coupons often change and get updated or offer different things on different days – keep scanning, see what you get next.  The coupons often rotate for a specific day of the week, month, etc.  you can scan, check and come back to show the coupon again for the same great service.  Just remember to show your coupon to the business!!!