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Frequently Asked Questions for ADVERTISERs

There are more FAQs for general information here, but if you want answers for your business, read these and talk to one of our sales people.

  Is this expensive advertising ?       

No, we have a background in small business and two things I have always personally hated was…..
1…. Throwing my money away on advertising that doesn’t work.
2…. Paying for advertising and NOT KNOWING IF it works.
The great part of this advertising is the customers come in to show you the COUPON, that way you know what brought them in.
Sure there are lots of other benefits like general publicity, word of mouth, and social sharing of your COUPON OFFER, but seeing those customers coming in to show you the COUPONS – SMART!!!


  What is the POSTER ?       

The full size advertisement, LOCAL DIRECTORY with the local business on it, lots of promotions and choices, the thing your customer keeps on the refrigerator.




  Why should I try this advertising ?       

2  Reasons – IT WORKS and you will SEE IT works…

The customers come in, and they show you the COUPON.

We are combining the most powerful advertising concepts that work – Local Directory, Local Distribution, Coupons and Fridge Magnets

We are adding to it the latest technology – Smart Phones….
and putting it in the pockets of your customers…

Unlike most advertising, you will SEE the RESULTS because customers show you the COUPON.

For the customers, it is curious and fun to play and get the COUPONS.  We like to think, it’s a real winner all round and works especially well in highly competitive areas making your business STAND OUT and get the FIRST contact with the customer.


  My competitor has already begun advertising with you – What can I do ?       

Yes, that is a problem.
We cannot take more than one advertiser for a category, it’s a key feature of our advertising!
Unless your business is distinctly different.
For instance, a general mechanic as compared to a mobile ONLY mechanic.  If a second general mechanic wants to advertise, they will be rejected for that poster.
My recommendation would be to buy into a poster for a slightly different area.
Speak to the agent for your region and they could prioritize you another poster for an adjacent area, there are new posters being distributed all the time.


  Does it cost money to get the COUPON ?       

No, the COUPON is included with your advertising.
IF you want more, just ask about an upgrade package by sending an email request.
Sure, just “contact us” and ask about upgrades (support@smartQRcoupons.com)
Talk with the art department about any ideas for the coupons or other upgrades to your Smart Phone Website.


  Why should I buy more COUPONS for my business ?

Simply, more advertising means more customers.
There are many reasons to have extra offers:
Test Marketing – trial and error to find the best and most exciting offer to get your customers in the door
Special Day or Events – public holidays, EOFYS (End Of Financial Year Sales), Birthday of the business, etc. etc.
support@smartQRcoupons.com to get more coupons.


  Does it cost money to distribute the advertisement ?       

No, the distribution is included with your advertising.  It is an expensive part of the advertising but we think it is critical to get the local directory in the hands of locals and start surprising them with new and exciting promotions.


  Can I get this for my own business ?       

Sure, just “contact us” and ask to be included in the next distribution in your area. (support@smartQRcoupons.com)

Something else to consider, is that the technology is available for you NOW, so if you were wanting to use our website and the PROMO codes and QR codes in your own advertising, just get in contact with us and explain how you were thinking of using it and we can tailor things for you.

It can always be set up for you to do your own advertising with or without the poster and distribution.


  Will you charge my business for sending the COUPONS ?        

No, there are no additional charges for sending or hosting the COUPONS.
They are free to download as many times as your customers want them or looking for your latest offer.  Costs occur when you want new COUPONS, more COUPONS or similar updates or changes to your advertising.


  Will you charge my business for using the QR codes ?        

No, there are no additional charges for the QR codes.
In fact, it is a great idea to use these at your business and in other advertising, on flyers, brochures, on your business cards, etc.  Because it contains your business information and it is a mobile OPTIMIZED website for Smart Phones.  It connects you with customers.
We encourage you to get the most out of our advertising system and usually email you copies of the QR codes so you can use them.
There are more upgrades available too, permanent QR codes, extra photos, information, videos, in fact we can build you a complete website, promote your online image with SEO, create Social Media accounts, design videos, anything you like online.
Ask the ART department to quote you – support@smartQRcoupons.com
Keep in mind that the QR code is ONLY for active advertisers and can be deactivated or “switched” if you are no longer an active advertiser.


  Does the offer need to be only for this advertising ?       

No, you can use offers that you already know work in your business, but we do have recommendations along the lines of what works with COUPON advertising and our smart QR codes.  Plus, you can change, test or add more offers in the future as smart QR codes are a DYNAMIC advertising system which we can update rapidly for you to take advantage of new ideas, special dates and times, new promotions or changes in your business or customers’ habits.


  Do I need to have a website for this advertising ?       

NO, you don’t need anything, we are a complete DO IT FOR YOU service.

Just greet your new customers and watch your business grow.

We can also help you with creating websites, managing, hosting, social media like Facebook, SEO, anything.
We do a wide variety of online marketing, just “contact us” and ask for a FREE QUOTATION. (support@smartQRcoupons.com)


  How quickly can you change my COUPON and offer ?       

Generally it takes about 48 hours, but if you require us to be quicker just ask – we always do our best.


  Too much competition in my area, I can’t waste money ?       

Sure, we understand that – ALL too well.
Our advice is this, those business who are experiencing a lot of competition need 2 things

1…. Unique Selling Proposition – USP – a message which tells the customer WHY, they should buy from this business and…
2…. Unique Advertising System – UAS – a way of getting customers in the door before they go to a competitor

We provide the UAS, a unique and proven formula of COUPONS, Local Directory, Special Offer and EXCLUSIVE advertising – we don’t sign up more than one business for the advertising category – if the client needs their car transmission fixed, there is ONLY ONE car transmission business advertised.
A lot better than hoping the customers wander around and find his business in the street or in the paper or in the yellow pages or online with all the other competing businesses.

We think that gives you real value and with those COUPONS coming in, you know it is working for you.


  Can I make my own COUPON art ?       

Sure, just send that to support@smartQRcoupons.com.
We normally offer a full Do-It-For-You service, but some have already got their art or they just like doing it themselves.   If you send us art and it doesn’t fit, we will fix it to be the right shape, size and correct issues with COUPON conditions, etc.  The best format to send is PDF “with text converted to curves” but we also accept PNG and JPG, the correct size is 640 x 1000 pixels, leaving white section at bottom for us to add COUPON conditions (approximately 15% of bottom or send us 640 x 850).


  What is “rotating offers” ?       

Our advertising technology is DYNAMIC.  Meaning we can change and update it rapidly online to suit you and your business.  One of the most powerful ways we market for you is by setting up “rotating offers”, a different COUPON (and offer) for a different time.  The most obvious of these is a restaurant offering specials for the slow days of the week to get customers in.  An AUTOMATIC SYSTEM, providing a COUPON for every Monday and a different one for every Tuesday, etc.



  How long does it take ?       

You can sign up at any time, securing your place in the next poster being distributed in your area, or multiple areas.

If one is not immediately planned for your area, it will get prioritized as a result of your interest.

The time frame for a poster is usually as follows:

4 weeks – Selling
1 week – Art completion (poster)
2 weeks – Printing
1 week – Distribution

A total of 8 weeks, it might help if you also allow 2 weeks for any delays, but we quote 8 weeks from the beginning, be aware that it is FIRST COME, FIRST IN.
The advertisers deadline is 4 weeks and the semi exclusive advertising means if one of your competitors gets in first, you cannot.

Every poster has a DISTRIBUTION DATE which the agent should be able to provide you.


  Can my advert go anywhere on the poster ?       

Yes, but we would suggest to you that your advertisement will do best if it is grouped with similar business.  As a result we try to group food and restaurants, trades for home, trades for vehicles, cleaning services with cleaning services, professional services with other professionals, health with medical, etc.  The idea being that the Householder will search in that area for the best offer which suits their needs.
The art department takes this into consideration and in an attempt to group everyone as best suits their business services.


  Can I get an exact position on the poster ?       

Not at this point.  This may change.  The art department has complete and final say on what, where and who goes on the poster, otherwise it becomes insane trying to give everyone what they want.  Your agent will include your preferences in the receipt of payment (tax invoice) and this is where we try to fit you in or as close as possible.  The art department responds to this information.  Your best course of action is to “opt in” EARLY as you will get PRIORITY and LARGE advertisers also get priority.


  Can I guarantee being exclusive on the poster ?       

No, we can’t “guarantee”.  Please understand the main reason is some business offer similar or “overlapping” services and we can’t control what they are doing.
What we NEED, is the widest RANGE of advertisers to give the householder the MOST CHOICES and make the poster as EXCITING as possible which helps EVERYONE.
In short, we do our best to make your advertising exclusive and best possible value to you, but no guarantees.


  Can I add things to my Smart Phone Website ?       

Sure, we encourage you get the most from your advertising and a simple low cost upgrade to your Smart Phone Website can be a great idea.
Those upgrades are a once off charge, no matter how many new advertisements you do with us.
Suggestions would be including pictures of the business or products or menus, logos, etc.  We can also write or add in copy talking about your business or add in a bonafide testimonial from one of your customers.


  Can you do other website work or online marketing ?        

We do a wide variety of online marketing, Sure, just “contact us” and ask for a FREE QUOTATION. (support@smartQRcoupons.com)
In fact we can build you a complete website, promote your online image with SEO, create Social Media accounts, design videos, anything you like online.



  Can I have my own special PROMO code ?        

Sure, we have limited availability for “custom” codes and even a range of “premium” codes.
Usually we just have a random code which is included in the price of the normal advertising, but if you really want to make the most of our technology you can upgrade to a custom or premium code for massive impact.

“contact us” and ask about availability [fees do apply]. (support@smartQRcoupons.com)