terms and glossary


AGENT – the person selling the advertising of smart QR coupons

POSTER – the folding shiny paper with the adverts


HOUSEHOLDER – the person who would use the poster, use the PROMO code or scan the QR code to get the special offer (PROMOTION) and details of the business they are interested in.

ADVERT – the advertisement printed on the POSTER.  Each comes in different sizes with specific names, Large, Tall, Banner,  Half Banner, Regular, Small.   Here are examples.  More information about Adverts here.

ADVERTISER – the business or service being promoted in the poster to the HOUSEHOLDERS.

CATEGORY – the generalized advert used on the poster, does NOT have business details on it, is only used to capture the attention of the HOUSEHOLDER.

Here is an example – CATEGORY – RESTAURANT – PIZZA

PROMOTIONPROMO, the COUPON offer (can be multiple) by the ADVERTISER.

QR code – the “square” on each advertisement, with QR reader APP (easy to get and free) you easily find each offer, quickly.

PROMO code – the code below the QR code, for instance   “ABBER”

The HOUSEHOLDER would go to our website (https://smartQRcoupons.com) and type the code (ABBER) and get the PROMOTION
(if they don’t scan the QR code)   More information here about “how it works”

CUSTOM PROMO code – An easy to use / remember code (upgrade from random code)

PREMIUM PROMO code – A specific word / name (upgrade from custom code)  e.g.  PIZZA

COUPON – the special offer the business (ADVERTISER) is using to attract customers (HOUSEHOLDERS), is a single .JPG, .PNG etc.

COUPON CONDITIONS – the conditions written into the COUPON and those written below the COUPON on the Smart Phone website of the Advertiser

SMART PHONE WEBSITE – the specially designed MOBILE optimized website with the COUPON and ADVERTISER’s details so that Householders can get information quickly, easily, INCLUDES Business details, Phone Number, Contact details, Maps, etc.


ACTIVE PERIOD – The period of time the PROMO codes (QR codes) work, normally 6 months.  After this time ADVERTISERS can recommit and new ADVERTISERS can be included.  A new POSTER is created and distributed into the same area with NEW CODES

ART DEPARTMENT –  The International operation controlling the design and production of the posters and the online material

PRINT – Each time we create a poster we call it a “PRINT”.  Each print will have a reference in the How it works section – e.g.

note the bottom highlighted part – “poster-aus-exmple_2018-08”

DISTRIBUTION AREA – The suburb / postcode that the POSTER will be delivered to the HOUSEHOLDER

DISTRIBUTION DATE – The approximate date of distribution usually quoted as a month

DISTRIBUTION QUANTITY – The number of POSTERS to be distributed in that area, usually 5000

HOSTING – The upkeep of the materials online such as the QR code, the COUPON, the mobile website (included in the advert cost)

USP – Unique Selling Proposition – a message which tells the customer WHY, they should buy from your business

UAS – Unique Advertising System – a way of getting customers in the door before they go to a competitor