Selling an ADVERT

As you are “filling” the POSTER, it is important to think of filling in the spaces…

For instance if you sell a “Half Banner Advert” you will need to sell another one next to it.  Two “Half Banners” fill the width of the POSTER.

When you have sold a “Large Advert” you will need to also sell the spaces next to it, with either a “Tall Advert” or 2 “Regular Adverts” or 4 “Half Regular Adverts”.   More information on Advert sizes and names here.

When the ART department is finalizing the design of the poster, they start with the largest adverts first and create a broad layout of the look, then they fill in the spaces with smaller adverts, keeping together similar categories such as health or cleaning or pets, etc.  Then they work from top to bottom keeping in mind any preferences that you have requested for the ADVERTISER at the time of purchase.  The complexity of this means that the discretion for the look, location and size is ultimately in the hands of the ART department.  We do our best, the individual advertisers are NOT asked to accept the POSTER artwork we decide what is best for everyone.  The advertiser has control over the SmartPhone website and all their information there.

Once you have sold an advertisement, we need the following:

PAYMENTS – please use the provided form as a tax invoice / receipt.

  • Fill out the receipt
  • Photograph (keep for yourself) and send with business information
  • Give receipt to client
  • Deposit money, cheques into BankWest magic QR coupons account.

BUSINESS INFORMATIONIt is best to collect ALL BUSINESS INFORMATION from the advertiser at the time of sale.

Collect as much PHOTO information as possible:

  • business details – business card, menu, brochure, flyers (anything with their business details)
  • current specials or offers the business is using
  • business pictures – of the inside or business, of products they are selling, of staff, vehicles, signs, etc.
  • COUPON design – any ideas for their COUPON offer (maybe a simple hand drawn picture)
  • preferences for location or the look of the advertisement in the poster (if any)

By collecting the photos and forwarding the information you make the process quick and simple for everyone, avoid mistakes and make everything more professional.

***Sometimes pictures of the business or products may be used in the POSTER.

Please send the photos at the same time, so that we are not confused about which photo relates to which advertiser.
Email ( or social media such as LINE, ZALO, Whats APP, etc.  (yet to be set up)  Facebook (magicQRcoupons) is also possible but not the best choice.

Dos and Donts…

Do NOT: guarantee the size, shape, location or exact look of the POSTER, or the advertiser’s advert.
DO:  TELL US, if the client has any preference for location on the POSTER, or the look for their advertisement.

DO:  REMIND the advertiser to read through all the terms of use, if they have any questions.

Do NOT: Guarantee exclusivity of their advertisement.
DO:  Exclusivity of their advertisement is something we strive for, but cannot guarantee as many businesses have “overlapping” services, products and offers.  It is better for everyone to fill the POSTER with the widest selection of offers – the buyers have more to choose from and use it more regularly.  More information on exclusivity here.

Do NOT: Suggest to add things to their SmartPhone website (where the COUPON is).
***Reminder – the SmartPhone website ONLY includes: ONE of each COUPON, Business Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, Map. 
Offer upgrades for the SmartPhone website such as photos of the business, unique information about the business, menus, links to specific pages such as products, etc.