The basic concept of magic QR codes is – each advertiser has a MOBILE website which is linked to the QR code and provides the Householder the most relevant information about the service(s) provided, business location, business contact details and of course the COUPON.

Each of the advertisements are categories.   Each category is different, which means that the advertiser is getting an exclusive advert for that service in our local guide.  We try to have as different a “mix” of categories as possible as this is best for the householder and the advertiser.

Smaller, basic adverts such as these only include a single COUPON and the business details, with this advert, the QR code only gives the one COUPON plus the business details.
     1 COUPON

Other advertisements already include the cost for multiple COUPONS

       4 COUPONS

All restaurant pricing includes 4 COUPONS, if the business desires more or wants to do specific day advertisements such as Christmas, EOFY (End of Financial Year), Birthday specials, etc.  The additional costs will be provided in your up-to-date sales manuals.

It costs $$$ to create each COUPON, but once it is created, it is FREE for them to use.  So, if they run the same Christmas promotion each year, it is FREE (assuming they are already advertising with us)
The QR codes are FREE for them to use with other advertising – they can include the QR code (***must include the PROMO code) on their menus, in-store, etc.  Remembering this codes will only work for them WHILE they are an ACTIVE ADVERTISER.  IF they pay for it (QR code + PROMO code) they can use it elsewhere……  🙂

Each poster is sold for a part of suburb, a local area.
The posters are distributed to the households within that local area (approximately 5000 households).
The posters are replaced every 6 months – (2 prints each year).
The QR codes are different for each print, meaning an advertiser can promote themselves in different local areas, across suburbs, a whole city, etc.  ***Once the new posters are distributed for that local area (6 months later) the QR codes are different, so if advertisers want to continue their promotions, they will need to repurchase the category.

All adverts sold include:
Full artwork
Full hosting online
Distribution to households
First right of refusal for reprints