The FULL SIZE poster looks like this unfolded



When Folded you only see the Front Panel

From the back (where it attaches to the refrigerator) this is how it looks

Not all advertisements have to be sold, the poster can go into production (printing) with fewer advertisers and then we reduce the size of the poster and adjust the size of the adverts, for example:

Giving us this:

The smallest size it can be is this:

We can “go to print” before the adverts are completely sold, because they are generalized categories and all the specific business information (& COUPON) are online, we only need to know which categories are to be included in the poster, for the poster to be printed.  If a poster is printed, and a category is not sold, there is time to sell it, before the poster is distributed (even after that)

The art department has complete discretion in completing the poster.  We CANNOT guarantee the LOCATION of any specific advert, nor can we guarantee the SIZE of the advert, etc.
This is due to needing to change size of the poster (dependent on the number of adverts sold), the “mix” of advertisers, the color or look of the adverts (to get the best looking poster to attract the householders).
When selling please indicate where and how you expect the advert on the poster to look, but be careful not to guarantee it and where the client has a distinct preference – make notes accordingly and give these to the art department and they will consider that request.