What businesses can I approach ?        

There is no limit to who you can sell to, even outside the area that you are “filling”.  You might have already have an advertiser for another poster / location which would be interested in the new area – especially if it is close to the same area.   Maybe your local pizza shop wants to expand it’s territory.  Maybe your advertiser is opening a new store location or moving.  Maybe your advertiser is expanding to delivery more widely.


  What is the schedule for the Advertising ?        

Although subject to variation and delays, the time frame breaks down to this:

Selling for 4 weeks week 4
The ART is completed for the poster week 5
Printing / Production of poster week 7
Distribution of poster (to households) week 8

The process is faster where the selling is more successful or delayed where the advertising is selling slowly.
Allowing a 2 week total delay would take the process to 10 weeks, which is usually no problem for the advertisers.
So officially, we set a date to close the advertising 4 weeks from commencing to sell.  Then it takes 4 weeks to print and distribute the advertising to the Householders.

When we have sufficient advertisers (36 advertisers) to complete the minimum size poster it becomes a CONFIRMED PRINT and we begin to create the online websites and coupons for the advertisers.
From about week 3, advertisers will be emailed their links to their Smart Phone Websites, so that they can confirm and check their advertising.
This helps to maintain their confidence in the product, prior to the distribution.

As an agent you should be able to tell the advertisers the DISTRIBUTION DATE (8 weeks) from commencing selling and the closing date for advertising (4 weeks).

The “deadline” for advertisers can be used to push sales (4 weeks).


  What if I have Advertisers who are close to buying at the deadline ?        

Where you have prospects who are NOT onboard as yet, or several prospects for one category, or otherwise have high confidence of selling a specific category, you should request that category be included in the poster.

****This gives you another month to fill that unsold category.


  What if I don’t sell enough Advertisers for a poster ?        

The minimum is 36 standard advertisements.

This can be any arrangement, etc. but without this number of sales, the poster will cost money to produce and smart QR coupons will lose money distributing the advertising.
We would cancel that Advertising, return money to the Advertisers and no commission would be paid to agents.

Failed posters do NOT go to print.
Customers are refunded.
Commissions are NOT paid.

Having said so much, smart QR coupons may still print a poster at a loss, simply to establish it in an area.

You shouldn’t have any concerns but problems occur for all business and your advertisers should be confident that we aren’t keeping their payments without providing the product.


  What to do if the Advertiser doesn’t like the poster art ?        

Poster art is something we’re quite flexible about.
If the customer isn’t happy about the poster, find out why or what they would like changed and pass the information on.

The key is to get the sale.

Changes to the poster are FREE, we are happy to use their photos, etc. as long as the advertisement remains a GENERAL category and doesn’t become their own private advertisement.

We charge a fee for private or CUSTOM advertisements which can include their name, location, phone number, etc.

Pictures and information must remain general and they must have permission to provide those graphics to us and they must provide us a licence to use them, anywhere we desire, e.g. on website, in marketing, in other posters, etc.

A lot of Advertisers will want simple changes appropriate for their business, such as a woman therapist wanting a woman in the picture of her advertisement, not a man.


  What businesses can I approach ?