If you are interested in selling our product…

Contact us, you don’t need much more than an interest in helping small business in a local area and being comfortable talking with them.

We provide full information about how to approach and manage “your area” and full support materials to go out and sell.
The relationship is as an agent (or affiliate) where you are working for yourself and supply tax invoices for the sales you have made.

Any service / business can be approached.

There is no limit to who can be approached, all business need new clients and an easy way for return customers to continue buying.

If there isn’t an example for their category, it can be created.

The PROMOTIONS can be sold AFTER printing of the POSTER (it has only general categories).  It is website and COUPON which carry the business details.

By printing the POSTER as a general item, it avoids delays with ADVERTISERS changing the details on the poster or failing to confirm their artwork, this way, we get it all done and keep the “ball rolling”.  It also helps advertisers who may need to change or update their details, e.g. a change in phone number or offer or maybe to correct an error in their advertisement.


The concept of the advertising is to make it simple for the buyer to act on an impulse, to buy a meal or to get a quote for cleaning, repairs, etc.  It does not help the advertiser to complicate the thinking of the buyer about what the name of the business is, phone numbers, whether they are happy with the location, name or contact details of the business, really they are interested in “what’s in it for me?” and THAT…..  Is the OFFER the business is making, of course all that personalized information is provided with the COUPON, the OFFER, so that buyers can act on it.

Having said so much….  Any business who desires their specific name, branding, logo, slogan, etc. used in the POSTER part of the marketing, should expect the costs to be double to triple the standard costs and full payment will be required in advance and the discretion of the artwork of the POSTER will still reside with our artist, as per our terms of use.  We will also need any personalized business information, graphics, pictures to be provided immediately so as not to inconvenience other advertisers by delaying the printing and distribution of the poster.


We can produce these for an individual business, there is no way of calculating such costs because some of the major expenses are the art design, web design, distribution and magnets, so it is best to get an idea from the business wanting the custom job.  Size will matter also.  Custom POSTER production is impossible to quote without knowing what the client requires first.

They will need to think in thousands of dollars, and I would suggest they organize a “cooperative” of businesses to contribute to the costs.
Time frame would be increased from our normal 4 weeks to an estimated 12 weeks – giving the client 8 weeks to provide the necessary art, information, input and confirmation for the final print.


Some PROMOTIONS can be set on daily changes or specific days of the week, this is very powerful for restaurants that need to encourage customers on quiet days of the week, here’s a great example


We give as much exclusivity to each advertiser as possible.  But we cannot guarantee it, but we are looking for the broadest range of services to show the householder and to provide the best value to the advertiser.

Here is an example of how we view this aspect:
For the following categories where “mechanic-auto-general” is sold

we may take “mechanic-mobile”

but this MUST BE THE ONLY SERVICE they provide, not a general mechanic who also does Mobile work.
We would also prefer not to include “mechanic-mobile-safety-cert” with the mobile mechanic, UNLESS that was the ONLY SERVICE they provide.

Obviously “mechanic-motorcycle” is a better fit for the poster and offers the householder more choices than another “mobile service”

The true is for all categories, where there is a general category and it is filled, the specialised categories should be clearly different services and offer something different to be a good fit for all of us.

*** REMEMBER – the better you fill the poster, the better the results and the more return advertisers and more $$$ for salespeople