General Concept:

A “poster” of services that a householder would need – a local directory.

The “poster” is tough and resilient, looks good (shiny) and has a magnet which allows it to attach to refrigerator so that it is convenient, easy to find, a curiosity and encourages the householder to keep it.

The “poster” has generalized pictures and descriptions on it (a category) and a  PROMO code and QR code to make getting the PROMOTION easier.

Each QR code provides a COUPON, for a special on the service or similar which can be used in the business advertising with us.  The QR code also provides the other relevant information about the business: Name, Location, Phone, Specific details, terms and conditions.

To make use of the COUPON, to get the PROMOTION (Special Offer), the householder shows the COUPON (on their phone) to the business.  ***This way, the business knows exactly how effective their advertising is.

QR COUPONS can rotate through ****multiple offers
This is particularly good for businesses that want to test offers or run specific offers at specific times.
Example: Restaurants giving different offers on different days to increase their customer interest.
One PROMO code eg. ABBEG redirecting to the PROMOTION for that day.