Top Ten Tips for Effective Advertising #1 – What am I doing?

Top Ten Tips for Effective Advertising

Tip # 1 – What am I doing?

Expanding your business relies on simple processes and explanations. The most fundamental is “what I do”.

We call that a USP – Unique Selling Proposition – a message which tells the customer WHY, they should buy from your business.

It’s critical to demonstrate what you do to potential buyers, doesn’t matter what your service or product is, a buyer needs to “see it” quickly, or they will never know to buy from you – obvious really, but many businesses miss this, readily caught up in beauty, artistic expression or ego they fail to get the basic message across – This is WHAT I DO.

Don’t get caught in advertising that LOOKS or ACTS this way…

Customer must read a lot of text before understanding “What’s in it for me?”. And that, is all the customer is interested in, so if your advertising doesn’t hit that mark, and quickly, you are losing customers.

A better version of the same advert emphasizes the 9% Return, the Safety and then “talks” about PNB. The business is interested in getting their name advertised – that is ego, looks great but the customer doesn’t care who they are until they decide to buy from them – “Nothing in it for me”.

Here is the better version, emphasizing “What’s in it for me”  concept

Customer quickly recognizes what the advert is about, what’s in it for them, and where to get it (PNB). The art is still there, it is attractive, but it adds to the information, not confuses it.

Short effective simple messages – the best way to talk with your customer.

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